RequestLetters - H OW TO R EQUEST L ETTERS OF R...

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Unformatted text preview: H OW TO R EQUEST L ETTERS OF R ECOMMENDATION G UIDELINES TO G ETTING THE R ECOMMENDATION YOU W ANT AND N EED Each year teachers are asked by many students to complete letters of recommendation. Most teachers are happy to oblige these requests, until they sit down to write the letter and realize they dont know what to say. The best way to ensure that your recommender writes you an outstanding letter is to provide him/her with every piece of information he/she needs to be able to write an accurate, timely, and appropriate recommendation. Below is a list of items you should include. In a manila envelope marked with your full name (first and last) and the date you would like to have the letter of recommendation returned to you, include the following: A request for a letter of recommendation. Write a brief letter explaining for what you are requesting the letter of recommendation, why you are applying for admission to the university or scholarship, and what traits you believe qualify you to earn admission or receive the scholarship award. College or Scholarship Application overview . Almost every application begins with a cover page that describes the requirements of the application. Include this page for your reviewer to reference. A copy (not the original) of the portion of the application you completed . This ensures that a recommender does not inadvertently contradict information you included in your application. Pertinent Information . Many university admissions offices and scholarship foundations/committees request recommenders to answer specific questions or follow certain guidelines. Be sure to include (and highlight) this information in the packet. A resume. Resumes are not merely lists of accomplishments and/or activities; attached you will find an example of an appropriate resume that explains your accomplishments and activities. A copy of your UC Application personal statement. If you chose to address the third prompt, include that for your recommender to review as well. A Transcript. Include the most current copy of your transcript. You must request a transcript 24 hours in advance from Mrs. Perez, Registrar, in the Counseling Center. To request an official transcript you must complete and turn in the Transcript Request card (available in the Counseling Center)....
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RequestLetters - H OW TO R EQUEST L ETTERS OF R...

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