Program_2_1 - pause for n = 1:50; d = rand(R,1)-0.5; x = s...

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% Program 2_1 % Generation of the ensemble average % R = 50; m = 0:R-1; s = 2*m.*(0.9.^m); % Generate the uncorrupted signal d = rand(R,1)-0.5; % Generate the random noise x1 = s+d'; stem(m,d); xlabel('Time index n');ylabel('Amplitude'); title('Noise');
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Unformatted text preview: pause for n = 1:50; d = rand(R,1)-0.5; x = s + d'; x1 = x1 + x; end x1 = x1/50; stem(m,x1); xlabel('Time index n');ylabel('Amplitude'); title('Ensemble average');...
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