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TELCOM 2310 Quiz 2 Fall 2009 Page 1 of 1 Univ. of Pittsburgh Name: …………………………………...……. TELCOM 2310: Computer Networks Quiz 2 Solutions Fall 2009 Part 1. True/False questions (1 pts each) 1. If the timer (of a given TCP connection between A and B) is running (has not expired yet), then there is at least one segment of that connection still in-flight (between A and B) F 2. If there is at least one segment still in-flight (between A and B), then A's timer must be still running F 3. HTTP is a stateless protocol T 4. A TCP client can interact with a UDP server F 5. TCP must wait for its buffer to fill before it sends data generated by applications F 6. Applications have no control over when TCP actually transmits data T (in general) 7. In TCP, the termination of a connection may only be done by the entity that establishes the connection F Questions 8 to 11 are related to this (imaginary) scenario: A server is running on a multiprocessor host of N processors. The server creates a single thread to service each client. The operating system
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