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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon H J D R3 R2 E G C F A B R4 R1 HOUR EXAM 2 SOLUTIONS 1. Consider a network of IP routers shown below. Each router’s internal ports are labeled using letters (A-Z). Near each router, there are three rows showing the range of IP addresses (Network address), Subnet mask fro that range if IP addresses and the associated exit port identifier, respectively. When an IP packet reaches a router, it will select the exit port, such that its destination IP address falls closest to the range of the indicated port’s prefix and mask. Suppose a packet with an IP address enters the lower left router R1, in its input port A. On the diagram sketch the route that this packets follows, including the port through which it exits this sub-network. The path that has a network address closest to that of the incoming packet will be choosen.
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path : A-C - E – G - H A. If your company’s IP Network address is and the subnet mask is ; determine the subnet address(in dotted decimal) and host
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Exam 2 Solution -

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