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Name: First Hour Exam INFSCI 1070 /TELCOM 2000 FALL 2009. Marks: Question 1: 40 marks total Question 2: 40 marks total Question 3: 20 marks total Attempt all questions. 1. The University of Pittsburgh plans to release CDs of a Clinical Research Training program. The 10 day training program provides paper documents after each class, at the end of each day. Suppose the class document provided each day consists of an average of 100 pages of typed text and one picture for every two pages. The typed text contains 10 characters to the inch, 6 lines per inch, on a 8-by11- paper , with 1 inch margins on each sides. Assume each character is coded using 7 bits. Each picture will be displayed in color at Super VGA resolution (1024 pixel x 768 pixel, 8 bit/pixel). a. How many bits are present in the class document provided at the end of each day of the training program? Text: {10 char/inch * 7 bits/char * (6 lines/inch * 9 inch/line * 6 inch)} /page * 100 pages = 2268000 bits Pictures: {(1024*768) pixels/image * 8 bits/pixel } * 1 image/page } * 50 pages = 314572800 Text + pic for one day = 316840800 bits ~ 303 Mbits
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b. How many 700 MByte CDs will be required to fit all the class documents (of the 10 days) of the training program? 10 days document = 316840800 bits
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This note was uploaded on 12/11/2009 for the course TELECOM 2000 taught by Professor Menon during the Fall '09 term at Pittsburgh.

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First Hour Exam_Solutions - Name: First Hour Exam INFSCI...

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