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sample problems1 - Homework Problems from Stallings 2.1 How...

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Homework Problems from Stallings 2.1 How many CD quality music channels can be transmitted simultaneously over a 10 Mbps Ethernet , assuming no other traffic is carried on the same network and ignoring the overhead? 2.3 A company’s telephone exchange digitizes telephone channels at 8000 smps/s, using 8 bits for quantization. The telephone exchange must transmit simultaneously 24 of the telephone channels over a communications link. a) What’s the required data rate? b) In order to provide answering machine service, the telephone exchange can store 3 minutes of audio message of the same quality as that of the telephone channels. How many megabytes of data storage space are needed to store each of these audio message? 2.4 How many bits will it take to represent the following set of outcomes? a) The uppercase letter A,B…. .Z. b) The digits 0,1,…. .9 c) The seconds in a 24 hour day d) The people of USA (300 million) e) Population of the world (3 billion) 2.11 A drawing in a 8.5-by-11 inch sheet is digitized by means of a 300 dpi (dots per inch) scanner. a. What is the visual resolution of the resulting image (number of dots per each dimension). b. If 8 bits are used for the quantization of each pixel, how much data storage space is needed to store the image a raw data. 2.12 When examining X rays, radiologists often deal with 4 to 6 images at a time. For a
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sample problems1 - Homework Problems from Stallings 2.1 How...

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