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English 1105 1 December 2005 American Taliban Steve Earle’s song “John Walker Blues”, from Jerusalem , about the so-called “American Taliban” has created considerable controversy since its release. It has been called “disloyal” and “unpatriotic”; he has been accused of “giving aid and comfort to the enemy”, of trying to enhance his own importance in American culture by align himself with an important issue, such as the catastrophe of the 9-11, in which he has played no part and he has been called “traitor”. Critics such as “The New York Post” are right when they accuse Earle and his song of being unpatriotic. This is because the whole song is about an American boy who does not feel he can identify in the world in he is living. He turns to the Islamic religion and moreover he becomes a member of the Taliban. Therefore, this kid then took up arms against his own country. This is giving the wrong example to our community and encouraging people to rebellion. So, Earle’s song is disloyal to his country and in writing this song he may be considered a traitor. In fact, Earle is giving aid and comfort to the enemy due to in his song he is creating a worst image of America than that of Islam. Basically, he is supporting the Taliban instead of backing up his own country. Steve Earle is assuming a character, John Walker Blues, in his song. John was a 20-year American boy that tired of trying to find some kind of identification in his own country decided to find it away from home. The first thing that made sense to him was in the Islam religion, so he began to believe in this religion until the point in which he became a Taliban member and therefore he had to fight against his own country. But, instead of going to heaven as he thought,
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he got captured by the Americans and he was found guilty in terms of being disloyal to his country and for the association with the Taliban and he was condemned to 20 years of prison. The Steve Earle’s song starts with: “I’m just an American boy raised on MTV/And I’ve seen all those kids in the soda pop ads/But none of ‘em look like me”. In these lines he is explaining that he is being raised like an American user, on MTV, which means with sex, alcohol, drugs, drama and reality shows in television. “All those kids in the soda pops ads” refers to the world of
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english essay - English 1105 1 December 2005 American...

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