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ACIS 1504 – Personal Computers in Business File Management Homework Uploading Homework to Courseware Server You may not begin this homework assignment until after the third class period because the Courseware folders will not be setup until that time. The steps necessary to complete this homework assignment will be demonstrated in class during the second or third class period. File management is an essential skill for all computer users, not just computer professionals. To help you practice this skill you are required to upload your homework solutions to a specific location on the Internet called Courseware. Windows Explorer is software that helps you manage files on your hard drive and other secondary storage devices on your computer. WebDrive is software that works with Windows Explorer to help you manage files on a remote server like Courseware. Courseware is a Virginia Tech file server for faculty use associated with their courses. I have a folder on the Courseware server. I have/will setup four folders for you within my Courseware folder; one folder for each homework assignment. All folders are accessible with my username and password as well as my TAs’. Your four folders are also accessible with your username and password. No one else has access to your folder. For this homework assignment, all you need to do is upload this document to your correct Courseware folder. Although this seems quite simple, it has caused many students trouble in the past. 99% of all problems have been due to failure to follow instructions EXACTLY. The instructions necessary to complete this assignment are included in this document. This procedure is also part of each future homework assignment. This procedure along with all other steps necessary to complete homework assignments are to be completed individually or with the help of your instructor or CAEE tutors only. CDs and other secondary storage devices will not be accepted for this or any future homework. Homework uploaded to other servers will not be accepted. Homework uploaded to your wrong Courseware folder will not be accepted. E-mailed homework solutions will not be accepted. Homework uploaded to another student’s Courseware folder will be considered a violation of the Undergraduate Honor Code. The completion of this homework assignment requires five steps: 1. Download this document from Blackboard 2. Install WebDrive 3. Configure WebDrive 4. Upload this file 5. Verify the file was uploaded successfully You will follow a similar procedure to upload all future homework assignments except you will skip the installation of WebDrive (it only needs to be installed once) and you will modify the WebDrive configuration (to point to the correct homework folder, see B below). You will probably want to save this document along with any notes you make as you will be performing this procedure for each homework assignment.
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