Geo after exam 3

Geo after exam 3 - US petroleum discoveries in the 30 and...

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US petroleum discoveries in the 30 and 40s is when US finds more. Alaska and Texas oil production is declining. Annual production of world oil is increasing a very slow rate. Question in final exam - Which of the following catastrophic effects resulting from the Ice Age flood can still be observed today? 1- 30 foot high ripple marks 2- Randomly placed boulders 3- Dry waterfalls 4- Answer: 1, 2 and 3 - If water was flowing through dry falls it would be larger than Niagara . True - The water velocity associated with the Ice Age flood reached a maximum speed of at least 60 mph. True - The largest channel created by the flood was the Grand Canyon. False - The maximum water depth observed behind the glacial dam was aprox. 500 feet. False Its 1000 feet Temperature has been higher and lower than are today. Global warming : Sunlight absorbed by molecules of greenhouse (ex: CO2) warms the lower atmosphere. More greenhouse gases, warmer temperatures. Greenhouse gases : CO2 vast majority, Methane, Nitrous oxides, CFC’s and ozone minor. Millions of years ago the temperatures were really higher, after they were lower because of the ice age and now they are high. In the ice age, sea level was really low. The ocean is getting warmer. The intensity of the weather events is increasing but we don’t know if the number is increasing. US is creating a lot of CO2 for really few people, 30% for 5% of the population. How much temperature is going to change in the next years? Uncertainly, maybe 2-10 F. CHAPTER 19.
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Geo after exam 3 - US petroleum discoveries in the 30 and...

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