Soc finrev - SOCIOLOGY1004[96430] IntroductorySociology...

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SOCIOLOGY 1004  [96430] Introductory Sociology FINAL REVIEW SHEET The Final Exam will take place on Monday December 12 th  from 10:05 – 12:05. It will consist of Matching Questions, True/False Questions, Multiple Choice  Questions, Short Answer Questions, and Essay Questions.  The Final, which is worth 30% of your course grade, will be cumulative.  However, it will focus heavily on Chapters 10-16 in the Text Book as well as other  TERMS TO BE FAMILIAR WITH: Symbolic Interactionism Structural Functionalism Conflict Theory The Sociological Imagination Macrosociology Microsociology Functions Manifest Functions Latent Functions Society Roles Positivism Social Structure Culture Social Network Institutions Social Processes Social Control Ethnocentrism Cultural Relativity Socialization Acculturation Cultural Diffusion Popular Culture Values Norms Mores Folkways
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Soc finrev - SOCIOLOGY1004[96430] IntroductorySociology...

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