Sociology exam

Sociology exam - SOCIOLOGY1004[96430] IntroductorySociology

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SOCIOLOGY 1004  [96430] Introductory Sociology MIDTERM REVIEW SHEET The Midterm Exam will take place during class on October 20 th It will consist of Matching, True/False Questions, Multiple Choice Questions, Short Answer Questions (4-6 sentences), and Essay Questions (requiring a few paragraphs). The Midterm will cover Chapters 1-9 in the Text Book. TERMS TO BE FAMILIAR WITH: The Sociological Imagination Culture Society Positivism Cultural Lag Community Cultural Diffusion Acculturation Proxemics Collective Conscience Structural Functionalism Conflict Theory Symbolic Interactionism Manifest functions Latent Functions Macrosociology Microsociology The Research Process Controlled Experiments Survey Research Ethnocentrism Participant Observation The Guinea Pig Effect Subcultures Social Desirability Bias Cultural Relativity Countercultures Linguistic Relativity Hypothesis Norms Laws Values Mores Sanctions Acculturation Cultural Diffusion Culture Shock High Culture Popular Culture Self
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Sociology exam - SOCIOLOGY1004[96430] IntroductorySociology

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