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BIT 2405 Fall 2006 Homework Set #3 Due: Thursday, September 21 (in class, first 5 mins) All of the problems below are from Chapter 5 1. Problem 5 2. Problem 9 3. Problem 19 4. Problem 23 5. Problem 29 6. Problem 32 7. Chez Paul is an exclusive French restaurant that seats only 10 couples for dinner. Paul is famous for his “truffle salad for two” which must be prepared one day in advance. The probability of any couple ordering the salad is 0.4 and each couple orders independently of other couples. a. What is the expected number of “truffle salads for two” that Paul serves per dinner? b. What is the probability that on a given evening, at most three couples want a
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Unformatted text preview: truffle salad for two? c. How many salads should Paul prepare if he wants the probability of not having enough salads for all customers who desire one to be no greater than 0.10? d. There is a 70% chance a couple will order coffee after dinner. What is the probability that on a given evening, exactly eight of the ten couples will order coffee? (Again, assume that couples order independently of each other.) NOTE: PLEASE STAPLE THE ASSIGNMENT IN THE UPPER LEFT HAND CORNER, FOLD THE ASSIGNMENT THE LONG WAY, AND PUT YOUR NAME ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE PAPER WITH THE FOLDED EDGE TO THE LEFT. THANKS....
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