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MIT 4.602 , Modern Art and Mass Culture (HASS-D) Spring 2004 Professor Caroline A. Jones Lecture Notes History, Theory and Criticism Section, Department of Architecture Week 1, Lecture 1 1:1 – Introduction to theories of Modernism and Modernity I. High and Low? Or images of Modernization? A. Venus Envy: looking back from Modernity 1. Botticelli and the Renaissance– already high/low 2. 19 th century France (Bouguereau and Cabanel versus Courbet and Manet) B. Mass Culture as a product of reproductive technologies (Berger, Benjamin), and Modernism as resistant (case study: Woman) 1. Picabia and Duchamp: mechanical women, 1912-1920s 2. Dubuffet and de Kooning: primordial woman or commodity? 3. Warhol’s Venus 4. Cindy Sherman’s postmodern complexities C. Commodified desires (Wesselman, Rauschenberg, Me
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Unformatted text preview: i r e les) II. Review of Syllabus Slide List (selected) Botticelli, Birth of Venus , 1 48 3-84 Bouguereau Birth of Venus , 1879 Caban e l Birth of Venus , 1863 Manet Olympia , 1863 Courbet The painters studio , 1855 Picabia, Portrait of an American girl in a state of nudity , 1915 Duchamp, Nude Descending a Staircase , 1912 and The Bride Stripped Ba re ... 1915-23 Dubuffet, Childbirth , 1944 and Corps de Dame series, 1950 de Kooning, Study for Woman , 1950 Warhol, Gold Marilyn , 1962 and Marilyn Diptych , 1962 Sherman, Untitled film stills , 1978 Wesselman, Great American Nude series, ca. 1962-67 Rauschenberg, Coca-Cola Plan , 1958 Me i reles, Insertions Project , 1970...
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