ln2 - MIT 4.602, Modern Art and Mass Culture (HASS-D)...

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MIT 4.602 , Modern Art and Mass Culture (HASS-D) Spring 2004 Professor Caroline A. Jones Lecture Notes History, Theory and Criticism Section, Department of Architecture Week 1, Lecture 2 1: 2 – Introduction to Theories of Modernity / Mass Culture I. What is Modernity? Modernism? Modern Art? (The City / the artist) A. Modern 1. Classics: reign of authority vs. Renaissance ideal of rational empiricism 2. Quarrel of the ancients and the moderns full-fledged by 12 th century; “class/ vulgar” played out in Latin versus vernacular (“Vulgate” Bible). 3. Slow, ongoing usage of the binary through 18 th century, when Enlightenment gave “modern” its propulsive thrust. 4. By 19 th c, music one of the battle grounds, (1818 William Crotch lectures in England on the ancients versus the moderns) – but the line moves (Now Beethoven, who died in 1827, is “classical”) Matei Calinescu: The idea of modernity was born during the Christian Middle Ages ( Modernus = from modo , just now); "Classic" was first used in the second century=="first class" Roman citizens, aristocrats -- (The antonym for this was “vulgar”) The way to accommodate classical tradition and the modern came with Bernard of Chartres’s 12 th century (1126) idea of
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ln2 - MIT 4.602, Modern Art and Mass Culture (HASS-D)...

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