ln7 - MIT 4.602, Modern Art and Mass Culture (HASS-D)...

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MIT 4.602 , Modern Art and Mass Culture (HASS-D) Spring 2004 Professor Caroline A. Jones Lecture Notes History, Theory and Criticism Section, Department of Architecture Week 4, Lecture 2 IMPRESSIONISM, PHOTOGRAPHY, SERIALISM: The Impressionist Eye as Camera I. New technologies of the visible, ca. 1850s Paris A. Age-old pictorial devices B. Baudelaire and the threat of photography ...this industry, by invading the territories of art, has become art’s most mortal enemy, and. .. the confusion of their several functions prevents any of them from being properly fulfilled. ... If photography is allowed to supplement art. .. it will soon have supplanted or corrupted it altogether, thanks to the stupidity of the multitude which is its natural ally. – Baudelaire, Salon of 1859 C. Photography and the theater of attractions (Magic Lanterns and other wonders) D. Was photography nothing new? (Varnedoe) or a revelatory new machine vision? (Joel Snyder et al.) 1) The camera lucida and the “pencil of nature” (Talbot) – 1820s-30s
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ln7 - MIT 4.602, Modern Art and Mass Culture (HASS-D)...

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