ln12 - MIT 4.602, Modern Art and Mass Culture (HASS-D)...

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MIT 4.602 , Modern Art and Mass Culture (HASS-D) Spring 2004 Professor Caroline A. Jones Lecture Notes History, Theory and Criticism Section, Department of Architecture Week 7, Lecture 2 FUTURISM, DADAISM, AND (COMMODITY) FETISH: Futurism’s and Dadaism’s Popular Mechanics I. Futurist Programs A. Approaching the Great War: “. ..the world’s only hygiene” 1 ) Marinetti in le Figaro , Paris, 20 February 1909 2) D’Annunzio’s flights over Trieste (winter 1915-16) 3) Irredentism, “parole in Liberta,” and fascist nationalism B. Speed, dynamism, and simultaneity II. Dadas at large A. A tale of many cities: Zurich, Berlin, New York, Hannover, Barcelona. .. B. Tactics – Performance, journalism, political agitation or art object? 1) Performance (1916-19, Hugo Ball, Tristan Tzara) 2) From collage to montage (1919-40s, Hoch, Heartfield) 3) “Dada Messe” (1920) – Int’l Dada Fair, a new kind of market? 4) Euro-Dada in exile; art objects / environments (1920s-40s, Schwitters) III. Dada in New York A. Picabia – 1913 visit (Armory Show), 1915 visit (AWOL), 1917 visit on the day US entered the war B. Duchamp – 1915 to New York, helps found “Societé Anonyme” (a first, private,
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ln12 - MIT 4.602, Modern Art and Mass Culture (HASS-D)...

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