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MIT 4.602 , Modern Art and Mass Culture (HASS-D) Spring 2004 Professor Caroline A. Jones Lecture Notes History, Theory and Criticism Section, Department of Architecture Week 12, Lecture 2 POP ART AND POPULAR CULTURE: American Pop and the “Business Art Business” I. Evolution in advertising A. Description, publication (mid 19 th c.) B. Imagining life for the working man (late 19 th c.) C. Delivering the (female) customer (1920s-present) D. Seducing the gaze and securing brand recognition (1950s-present) II. Aesthetic relations to the culture of advertising A. Tom Wesselman – goin’ along B. Claes Oldenburg – ambivalent fascination 1) resistant mess: Happenings, The Store (‘61) 2) compliant (if funny) fetishes: Bedroom Ensemble (‘63), Lipstick (‘69) C. Roy Lichtenstein – wit in reserve 1) comic book and other graphic conventions 2) subverting the art world
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Unformatted text preview: D. Andy Warhol – emptying the image of its sting 1) “being a machine” i. development of the hard edge ii. repetition iii. aesthetics of production (later, re production) 2) celebrity and disaster Slide List (selected) for 12:2 Claes Oldenburg, The Store 1961 photograph of artist in The Store with plaster goods Oldenburg, Bedroom Ensemble 1963 – fabricated interior Oldenburg, Lipstick (Ascending) 1969 – fabricated kinetic sculpture Roy Lichtenstein, Popeye 1960 o/c Andy Warhol, Popeye, 1961 o/c Lichtenstein, Whaam! 1963 o/c Warhol, Bonwit’s window 1961 . .. Mixed medium Warhol, Marilyn Monroe Diptych 1963 oil and silkscreen ink/canvas Warhol, Ethel Scull 36 Times, 1963 James Rosenquist, President Elect, 1960-61 Rosenquist, I Love You with my Ford, 1961 Tom Wesselman, Bathtub #3, 1963 Warhol, Red Disaster 1963 (and “blank” half from 1985)...
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