A State of Mind

A State of Mind - A S tate of M ind Pak Hyon Sun Following...

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Unformatted text preview: A S tate of M ind Pak Hyon Sun Following 2 North Korean girls that were competing in the mass games The slightest individual mistake causes the whole group to fail- Communism Huge Mosaic- Kim ill song, and Kim ju I l l – up to 12000 school children are used K im Jeong I l l quote- Teaching them to be gymnasts in the mass games is a a way of developing to be communists Group gymnastics is a synchronized activity, you lose your individuality Arduous March- deaths of starvation during this t ime- period of struggle that people have t o deal in order to maintain the states decisions. One chicken and 5 eggs per person per month Intense daily t raining English class-very authori tarian, looked like an army- Students yelled in unison. K araoking songs about communism and leaders Most nights are spent without electricity in some time in the evening People are interested to know the current situation in I raq, since it relates to their situation K im I l l Song birthday- Most important day in North Korea- In 1997 he was declared eternal p resident She says she wonder if she could perform in front of the FATHER, the generalCONFUCIAN ISM Prove t that she is ther prefect communist because she is on the front row K im Jong I l l did not attent the mass game- they practiced for nothing ...
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