analcomm - with and we all had a ton of fun together. Now,...

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Kacy Grady Analysis Paper For my analysis paper, I am choosing to observe my best friend and her boyfriend. They have been dating for about 2 years and have just recently gotten engaged. I am going to use the relational dialectics of Baxter and Montgomery to help understand the tensions and struggles my friends face in their relationship. I am going to observe them while at their house because this is where they are most comfortable together and it will allow for a controlled environment. Not being a participant of the observation will be easy because my boyfriend lives in the house where I will be performing my observations. Laurie and Chasen, the couple that I am observing have been together off and on for the past two years. They are both what you could say, “less than motivated”, to finish school on time, if at all. When they first started dating they were super fun to hang out
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Unformatted text preview: with and we all had a ton of fun together. Now, it seems like we have to plan something weeks in advance, or practically drag them out of the house to do anything. They have become more and more co-dependent on each other and frequently use each other as an excuse as to why they cant participate in one thing or another. For example, they have football tickets for every home game this season, yet they have only been to about 5 minutes of the very first game. The usual excuse for not participating is Laurie is tired, or Chasen has a headache. I am going to use Baxter and Montgomerys relational dialectics to try and understand what tensions are present in their relationship and make sense of the recent engagement....
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analcomm - with and we all had a ton of fun together. Now,...

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