identifications - First T r iumvirate-The political...

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Unformatted text preview: First T r iumvirate-The political alliance of Julius Caesar, Marcus Crassus, and Pompeius Magnus-Had no official statusits power in the Roman Republic was unofficial influence and kept secret for some time-Formed in 60 BC and lasted until the death of Crassus in 53 BC Aeneas-Trojan hero, son of prince Anchises and goddess Venus-The journey of Aeneas from Troy, which led to the founding of Rome, is recounted in Virgils Aeneid-Considered an important figure in Greek and Roman legend and history-Known for his skills in combat during the battle of Troy-One of the keys to the founding of Rome Consul-The highest civil and military magistrates, serving as the heads of government for the republic-New consuls are elected every year-There were two consuls, and they ruled together; However, after the establishment of the Empire, the Consuls were merely figurative representation of Romes republican heritage and held very little power and authority, with the emperor acting as supreme leader Lares-Ancient Roman deities protecting the house and family, they were a form of household gods-Presumed sons of Mercury and Lara-Small statues usually put in higher places of the house, far from floor, or even on roof Forum of Augustus-One of the imperial forums of Rome, built by...
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identifications - First T r iumvirate-The political...

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