HW2_Solution_Fall_2009_CSE 412

HW2_Solution_Fall_2009_CSE 412 - Solution & Grading...

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Home work specification Total point is 100 for HW2 20 for correctness of query results, 5 for the query run, 20*5 for the query specification (correct logic) Query Results Q1 (25 pt) Q2 (25 pt) Q3 (25 pt) Q4 (25 pt) Results of queries submitted are correct? S 1 pt for each queryS The query runs correct for the secret test DB? S 4 pt for each queryS query specification and correct logic (20pt for each query) Total score Comments YES NO EXPECTED/REQUIRED FEATURES The name appears as a comment line at the beginning of the query file? Hardcopy of queries and results submitted for assessment? Queries handed in are readable (not truncated)? All queries and variables have descriptive names? Queries are at least documented with the query statement and output schema? Tables representing identified query results are clearly indicated? Query results submitted for assessment were run against the published test data?
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QUERY SPECIFICATIONS (The Query Results for test database of HW2 refer to document “Appendix: Query Results for HW2”) 1 20 List the CD title, the clients who have rented the CDs, and the number of CDs sold for the CDs with a top 5 rating
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HW2_Solution_Fall_2009_CSE 412 - Solution & Grading...

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