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HW2_Fall_2009_CSE _412 - CSE 412/598 Fall 2009 WinRDBI...

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CSE 412/598 Fall 2009 WinRDBI ASSIGNMENT #2 Relational Algebra Due: Start of class Oct 12, 2009 This is the second assignments that will allow you to execute query languages of the relational model. This assignment focuses specifically on queries using relational algebra. Using the Music Database, you are to: 1. Load the music2(sample).rdb file for WinRDBI. This data file is located in the Homework 2 Assignment folder on myASU. 2. Develop relational algebra solutions for the 4 queries specified in this assignment. Comment the queries and use descriptive table and attribute names. See the resources below for additional information on WinRDBI: 1. The WinRDBI (Windows Relational Database Interpreter) educational tool is an integral component of database education at Arizona State University. Detailed information of how to use WinRDBI can be found at: http://www.eas.asu.edu/~winrdbi/ Basically, there are two ways you can use WinRDBI: 1) Go to the public lab on the 2nd floor of BYENG, all of the machines have installed the
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HW2_Fall_2009_CSE _412 - CSE 412/598 Fall 2009 WinRDBI...

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