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Publisher Database The Publisher database needs to keep records about all the books published by its different subsidiaries. The information includes details about each publishing house and the book contracts that are created between the publisher and the book authors. The database is also required to keep information about customers that purchase books and the ratings that they assign to books. Publisher information includes a publisher identifier and publisher name. The information that must be maintained about books includes the ISBN number, the book title, the list price, and the year published. The authors of the book must also be identified. For every book published, a contract is created between the publisher and the authors of the book. A contract has a unique identifier and a date for which the contract goes into affect. The contract must maintain the royalty percentage for each author of the book, where each author can have a different percentage. If there is more than one author, then
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Unformatted text preview: the order in which the names are listed with the book must be specified (first author, second author, etc.). For example, if a book has two authors, the first author could receive 8% of the book sales as a royalty while the second author could receive 5%. The database includes information about authors, as well as customers that purchase books. This information includes an identifier, the person’s name, and the person’s address (street, city, state, zip). An author of a book can also be a customer. For every purchase, the database records the date of the purchase, the quantity purchased, and the actual price paid, where the actual price paid may be less than the book list price. Customers can also provide ratings on books, where a book is given a rating between 1 and 5 (1 is the best, 5 is the worst). The date of each rating is also recorded together with comments about the book to explain the justification for the rating....
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