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relational algebra - WHERE l.cid=c.cid and l.year=2001...

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Study Problems on Relational Algebra Understand each of the following SQL query, and then translate it into relational algebra. Database schema: Courses (name, cid) Staff (sid, firstname, lastname) Lecturing (sid, cid, year) (1). SELECT FROM courses c, staff s, lecturing l WHERE l.sid=s.sid AND l.cid=c.cid AND (l.year=1999 OR l.year=2000) AND s.lastname='Jung'; (2). SELECT FROM lecturing l, courses c
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Unformatted text preview: WHERE l.cid=c.cid and l.year=2001 EXCEPT SELECT FROM lecturing l, courses c WHERE l.cid=c.cid AND (l.year=2000 OR l.year=1999); (3). SELECT FROM lecturing l1, lecturing l2, courses c WHERE l1.cid=l2.cid AND l1.cid=c.cid AND l1.sid=l2.sid AND l1.year=1999 AND l2.year=2000; (4). SELECT s.lastname FROM staff s WHERE s.sid NOT IN (SELECT l.sid FROM lecturing l);...
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