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CHM 3120 Assignment 7 1. Give the product of the following transformations. N N + OMe O a) + NNN Ph O b) c) + O d) Ph N O OMe O N O 2. Use orbital symmetry to explain the formation of the cis product in this reaction. O PPh 3 I OTBS 1) BuLi 2) O O O O Ph EtS EtS O OTBS O O Ph O EtS EtS 3. Account for the rate acceleration noted in the following reaction. N OP h Bn + O H 3 days N O CHO Bn Ph N h Bn + O H N O CHO Bn Ph EtAlCl 2 3 minutes 4. Predict the stereochemistry of the product in the following ene reaction (hint: consider the shape of the transitions state).
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