Midterm2-2006 - Please print CHM3125 MIDTERM 2 (25%)...

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Please print CHM3125 Family name: MIDTERM 2 (25%) First name: 13-Mar-2006 Student #: Time allowed: 70 minutes Question 1 2 3 4 5 6 Total Value 18 8 8 8 8 8 50 Mark Notes IMPORTANT : You must answer question # 1 . You should answer 4 questions onl y from questions 2 to 6. Please indicate below which questions you do NOT want marked. If you make no selection, question number 6 (six) will not be marked. Please do NOT mark question number:
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th 2006 page 2 of 9 1. (20 MARKS – stars show marks ) Short Answer: Fill in the spaces below. a) *Complete the following retro-synthetic analysis with a possible intermediate: b) *The industrial synthesis of methyl methacrylate (CH 2 =C(CH 3 )CO 2 CH 3 , the monomer used to make PMMA) uses ACETONE VINYL CHLORIDE ACETYLENE SYN GAS as the main starting material. c) *One of the top three chemicals derived from methanol is ______________________ d) **Adding an OH functional group to a molecule is not always trivial and requires a few “synthetic detours”. Draw TWO intermediates (not necessarily from the same route) in the synthesis of phenol when using benzene as starting material. e) *Heterogeneous catalysts are frequently ground to a fine powder. Why? __________________________________________________________________________ f) **Name an advantage and a disadvantage of heterogeneous catalysts: Advantage: ________________________________________________________________
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Midterm2-2006 - Please print CHM3125 MIDTERM 2 (25%)...

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