200_final_review - Act of omission Important factors when...

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200 final review Average rate of respirations Purpose of pre participation exam Tort Negligence Liability Cooper’s ligament There are how many performance domains Safest mode of athlete transfer is??? Which artery are you listening to when you are taking blood pressure Best time of day to fit shoes is when? Protection versus HIV Virulence Pathogen Color of blood flow is what? (vein, artery, capillary are each different) Know the different types of shock (septic, anaphylactic, etc) Primary concern of emergency action plan Know characteristics of Hepatitis B A weather watch means (lightening lecture) Purpose of primary survey Vasoconstriction Flash to bang count Bleach solution is used in what ratio Laceration, puncture, avulsion, abrasion Hematoma Diastolic blood pressure Diagnosis
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Unformatted text preview: Act of omission Important factors when picking a location for the athletic training room Syndrome Where are most ATCs employed? Good Samaritan law Statute of limitations How do you use stairs with crutches? How do you use a cane Expendable supplies Hydrotherapy SOAP stands for VOCABULARY adduction flexion superior hemorrhage inferior lateral anemia extension kyphosis apnea anabolic hypoxia medial hemothorax abduction androgenic Short Answer • Explain 20/200 vision • How to avoid conflicts b/w ATC & EMT on the field • Rules of tape application • Why don’t you place your thumb on stethoscope when taking BP • How to care for external bleeding (3 methods) • How to prevent disease transmission in medical setting...
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  • Spring '08
  • Gil-Aviso
  • Hematoma Diastolic blood, domains Safest mode, flexion superior hemorrhage, Virulence Pathogen Color, Tort Negligence Liability

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200_final_review - Act of omission Important factors when...

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