PSYC260Lecture17&18 - Attractiveness

PSYC260Lecture17&18 - Attractiveness - PSYC 260 Nov 4th...

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PSYC 260 Nov 4 th th , 2008 Topic 9: Interpersonal Attraction Liking, Friendship, Love, Commitment I. The Social Psychology of First Impressions: Sir Peter Ustinov (1979): “Contrary to general belief, I do not believe that friends are necessarily the people you like best, they are merely the people who got there first” a. i. 1 st yr students in an intro session for people studying psychology randomly assigned to seats ii. People took turns introducing themselves iii. Pics shown pictures of each other 1 year later, rated extent to which they were friends iv. Computers: Long-distance propinquity: takes more time online to develop good friendship b. Mere Exposure Effect – why propinquity works i. Zajonc: familiarity = liking ii. Example: Cross et al. (1967): Do rats prefer Mozart or Schoenberg? iii. Exmaple: Mita et al. (1977) 2. Similarity Leads to Liking a. Basic Paradigm i. We like people with similar opinions: 70% vs 30% similar answers – 70% liked more Sidenote: Almost identical – drop in liking (still liked those more than 30% but less than those 70% same) Need for Uniqueness ii. Interpersonal style: similar levels of communication skill iii. Effect of “tracking” – more likely to be friends with people from their “track” b. Reasons why similarity is important i. Tend to think that those who are similar also like us, so more likely to initiate a relationship ii. Those who are similar validate our own characteristics ad beliefs iii. We make negative inferences about someone who disagrees with us on important issues 3. Reciprocal Liking a. Liking is so powerful that sometimes it can make up for absence of similarity
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PSYC260Lecture17&18 - Attractiveness - PSYC 260 Nov 4th...

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