PSYC260Lecture19 - Prosocial Behavior

PSYC260Lecture19 - Prosocial Behavior - PSYC 260 Nov 11th,...

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PSYC 260 Nov 11 th , 2008 Topics 10 : Prosocial Behavior Prosocial Behavior: When and Why Do People Help Others? Example : In 1982, Anne Herbert coined the phrase, “Random Acts of Kindness” Idea is to do random kind acts for others with no intention of being repaid Paying tolls for others Shoveling snow for neighbors, anonymously Scrubbing grafitti off of park benches a. Casual Helping i. Helping with a homework assignment or schoolwork ii. Lending a book, notes, record album, household item iii. Giving a ride within the city iv. Giving directions v. Opening or holding a door vi. Giving someone a snack b. Substantial Personal Helping i. Bringing or sending flowers, a card, or a small gift ii. Giving a ride a long distance (greater than 20 miles) iii. Visiting someone from out of town c. Emotional Helping i. Listening to someone talk through a problem ii. Giving advice about a situation someone is in iii. "Being there" for someone; providing loyalty d. Emergency Helping i. Starting a car or changing a tire for someone ii. Taking care of someone who is sick iii. Walking someone home at night 2. Why Help Others – Basic Motives of Helping Others a. i. Kin selection (not a conscious process) – behaviors that help a genetic relative are favored by natural selection; increase the chances that their genes will be passed along ii. Norm of reciprocity (return of favor in future) – those who developed an understanding with their neighbors about reciprocity were more likely to survive; survival value of the norm made it
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PSYC260Lecture19 - Prosocial Behavior - PSYC 260 Nov 11th,...

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