PSYC260Lecture20 - Agression

PSYC260Lecture20 - Agression - PSYC 260 Nov 13th , 2008...

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PSYC 260 Nov 13 th , 2008 Topics 11 : Human Aggression 1. Definition: Intentional behavior aimed at doing harm or causing pain to another person; could be physical or verbal, succeed or not i. Hostile aggression: stems from feeling of anger aimed at inflecting pain or injury ii. Instrumental aggression: inteded to hur the other person, but as a mean to some goal 2. Why Are People So Aggressive? Inborn or learned? a. Evolutionary Theories i. Freud: elaborated Hobbes’ belief that human are naturally self-interested creatures – humans are born with an instinct towards life called Eros; towards death Thanatos – a “hydraulic theory” ii. Darwin, Recent vies (Pinker); Buss & Duntley: aggression is genetically programmed into men because it enables them to perpetuate their genes; two reasons to aggress 1. Dominance over other males (over female mates) 2. Agress “kelously” to ensure their mates are not copulating with others iii. Neural and Chemical Influences 1. Agression associated with an area in the core of the brain called the amygdala; serotonin inhibits, testosterone, male hormone increases 2. Boys tend to be more overtly aggressive, girls are more covert & feel more guilt or anxiety when they do overt acts– men are far more aggressive under ordinary circumstances, but difference become much smaller when indeed provoked 3. Alcohol an inhibitor – reduces our social inhibitions 4. Pain, discomfort, heat humidity, air pollution, and offensive odors all lower
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PSYC260Lecture20 - Agression - PSYC 260 Nov 13th , 2008...

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