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PSYC260Lecture23 - PSYC 260 Dec 2nd 2008 Sex Differences...

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PSYC 260 Dec 2 nd , 2008 Sex Differences and Gender Roles 1. What are the claims? a. Women are more communal b. Men are more agentic 2. What are the Actual Differences? a. Helping Behavior: Men more helpful in “agentic” ways (intervening in emergencies), women more helpful in “communal” ways (long-term care of parent) b. Aggression: Boys slightly but reliably more physical aggressive. Some evidence that girls show more indirect aggression c. Nonverbal Behavior: Women better at expressing and recognizing emotions d. Personality Variables: Men more aggressive; Men more assertive; Women higher in “tender- mindedness” – But: Differences are small e. Sexuality: Men more favorable toward causal sex; Men masturbate more; No differences in reported satisfaction with sex f. No or small gender differences in: i. Most Personality traits E.g., extraversion, openness, conscientiousness, happiness, morality ii. Self-esteem iii. Happiness iv.
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