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PSYC 260 Dec 4 th , 2008 1. Definition of Applied vs. Basic Research a. Applied Research: “What works?” i. Specific problem the researcher wants to change (e.g., improve health habits, reduce prejudice) ii. Not as much concern with psychological process b. Basic Research: “Why do people do what they do?” i. Underlying mechanisms responsible for behavior (e.g., basic research on perception, inference, emotion) ii. Sometimes no immediate applied benefits c. The Distinction Can be Fuzzy i. Galileo and his interest in optics His goal was to improve telescopes Result: The germ theory of medicine ii. Basic research on the structure of DNA Initially, no applied goals Result: Human genome project, disease prevention and cure d. Especially Fuzzy in Social Psychology i. Is Research on These Topics Basic or Applied? Prejudice Prosocial Behavior Aggression Perceived Control ii. Examples of Applied Problems Social Psychologists Address Environmental Behaviors (Ch. 14) Psychology and the Law (Ch. 16) Reducing Prejudice (Ch. 13) Psychology and Health (Ch. 15) Psychology and Business iii. Example 1: Global Warming 1. he earth has always had "greenhouse" gases that capture heat from the sun and keep the earth warm; Humans have been adding to these gases--chiefly carbon dioxide (CO2), which is released when we burn fossil fuels (e.g. in power plants, factories, and automobiles); Amount of CO2 far exceeds the amount that the earth can absorb naturally; Global temperature has been rising; Every year between 1992 and 2007 has been one of the top 20 warmest years
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PSYC260Lecture24 - PSYC 260 Dec 4th, 2008 Topic 13 :...

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