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HIEU201Lecture05 - H IEU 201 Sept 5th 2008 The Hebrews The...

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HIEU 201 Sept 5 th , 2008 The Hebrews, The Land, The Hebrew Bible 1. The Hebrews a. What can we know i. Historical Events ii. The Story As It Is b. Mythical Origins i. What is myth – not completely made up but with foundation of truth c. Mesopotamian Origins i. Abram of Ur 1. Treated as Founding Patriarch a. Ishmael & Isaac b. Territorial negotiations, land purchases, military expeditions c. Foundation of social roles and ethnic consciousness 2. Covenant & Land 3. Journey to Canaan 4. Egyptian sojourn a. 22 nd Dynasty: “the fortress of Abraham” in the Negev 5. Theological Implications d. The Exodus as Foundational Event – no clear indication i. Introduction of Yahweh Cult – learnt from Moses during migration 1. Evidence suggest the Moses spent a lot of time with the Medianites, which suggests that the belief may have come from them 2. Covenant 3. Law a. presented as directly by Yahweh to Moses: Ten Commandments b. The Hebrews cannot deal directly with Yahweh c.
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