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HIEU201Lecture10 - HIEU 201 Sept 17th 2008 Lecture 10...

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HIEU 201 Sept. 17 th , 2008 Lecture 10: Hellenistic Kingdoms and Culture 1. Defining Hellenism a. The diadochi & the division of Alexander’s Empire b. Culture > Family i. “The people we call Hellenes are those who have the same culture as us, not the same blood (Isocrates).” ii. People identify by common Greek literature and culture rather than Athenians, Spartans, etc c. Colonialism i. Granted land ii. Intermarriage d. Economic Expansion i. Still driven militarily, army still large, drove officers to intermarry ii. Coinage & urban developments 1. Took gold mines from the Persians 2. First known world-wide economic boom 3. All released in once 4. Shifted from barter to monetary 5. Selucid Profited greatly 6. Macedonia and Greece did not share the boom as much iii. Common slavery - peasants tied to the land, could be freed iv. New cities grew – Alexandria, v. New trade routes 1. Increase especially in grain and slaves, coming from Black Sea area 2.
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  • Spring '08
  • Ptolemaic dynasty, Seleucid Empire, Hellenistic World, ALEXANDER’S EMPIRE, Alexandrian Literary Culture, common Greek literature

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