HIEU201Lecture14 - HIEU 201 Sept 26th 2008 Rome III 1st...

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HIEU 201 Sept 26 th , 2008 Rome III: 1st Triumvirate, Julius Caesar, 2 nd Triumvirate, Augustus 1. a. Marcus Licinius Crassus (115-53 BC) b. Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus (106-48 BC) c. Gaius Julius Caesar (100-44 BC): returned from Spain, demanded a triumphant, denied, acted as balance point between the two d. Chronology i. 78 BC: Death of Sulla ii. 77-71 BC: Pompey vs. Sertorius iii. 71 BC: Crassus vs. Spartacus iv. 67 BC: Pompey in East vs. Pirates v. 66-62 BC: Pompey (became the most popular) vs. Mithridates vi. 63 BC: Catiline (launched the conspiracy to take over Rome for himself, in end defeated by all the parties in Rome, Cicero was prosecutor) vii. 59 BC: Consulship of Julius and Caesar viii. 58-51 BC: Caesar in Gaul Rome had no need to conquer Gaul, they were not a threat; Caesar campaigned anyway and wiped out most of the Gauls; Caesar crossed rubacon and committed treason, Civil War started, Pompeii killed? ix. 58 BC: Clodius’ tribunate 1. Bona Dea party in 62 BC x. 56 BC: meeting of triumvers 1. Caesar = populii 2. Pompey = optimii 3. Crassus = creditor of both xi. 53 BC: Crassus killed at battle of Carrhae xii. 49 BC: Rubicon xiii. 48 BC: Pharsalus xiv. 44 BC: murder of Caesar Appointed dictator for life and assumed all functions of government
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HIEU201Lecture14 - HIEU 201 Sept 26th 2008 Rome III 1st...

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