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HIEU201Lecture17 - HIEU 201 6 October 2008 Origins of...

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HIEU 201 6 October 2008 Origins of Christianity 1. The Context of Judea and Jewish Religious Life a. Maccabean Revolt b. Hasmonean Dynasty c. Divisions within Palestinian Judaism i. Pharisees ii. Sadducees iii. Essenes & Qumran d. The Jewish War (map of Palestine) 2. The Wider Religious Life of the Empire a. Apollonios of Tyana & the theos aner b. Mithraism 3. Christian Origins a. The Person of Jesus & The Sources i. Messiah & messianic expectations ii. “Son of Man:” ben adam , huios tou anthropou iii. Make up of followers iv. Meaning of crucifixion v. What is to evangelion ? 1. Augustus Inscription 2. Oral Event 3. Genre of Writing b. From Saul to Paul i. Paul’s journey’s 1. Council of Jerusalem a. Minimal ritual purity b. The Collection ii. Authentic Pauline Epistles iii. Pseudo- and Deutero-Pauline Epistles c. The Gospels, Historical & Source Criticism & the Historical Jesus Problem d. Early Christian Communities: Christianity as an Asian Religion i.
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