HIEU201Lecture28 - HIEU 201 Nov 5th 2008 The Renaissance...

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HIEU 201 Nov 5 th , 2008 The Renaissance: 1. What’s Important about the Renaissance? a. Historical Consciousness i. “Those Romans were not like us after all” – Erwin Panovsky, Renaissance and Renascences in Western Art – ii. Conscious Recovery of Ancient Models – idea of a radical break between the contemporary and ancient world called for a conscious recovery iii. Recovery of Ancient Values 1. Virtu, education, rhetoric and philosophy b. Human Nature: Augustine vs. the potential of the human will for good c. The Active Life, Value of Wealth, Pursuit of Praise d. Humanism defined i. Paul O. Kristeller: Studia humanitatis 1. grammar, rhetoric, history, poetry, moral philosophy (politics) 2. Rhetorician vs Ideologues 2. Petrarch (1304-1374) a. Papal court at Aviogon: poetry and classical literature b. Studied law but deboted to poetry and Latin literature c. Vernacular poems established fame d. Latin poetry, collective biography of famous Romans, epic poen e. Notion of Fall of Rome, “Dark Ages,” Renaissance f. Secretum : religious concerns, tension between salvation and fame g. Contemplation/ otium > active life/ negotium (Letter to Cicero) h. On my own ignorance and that of many others , 1368: humanist manifesto against scholastic dialectic – knowledge of the good cannot make us do good but rhetoric inspires us to do good 3. Lorenzo Valla (1405-57) a. On the Donation of Constantine – using litereary and historical terms, found that Donation of Constantine was at best a 7 th century document b. Critical Editions of Bible 4. Marsilio Ficino (1433-1499) a. Rise of Renaissance Platonism i. 1456: translation of Plato into Latin ii. Christian Platonism iii. Human Dignity v. Wisdom comes not through argument but contemplation and love
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HIEU201Lecture28 - HIEU 201 Nov 5th 2008 The Renaissance...

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