HIEU201Lecture30 - HIEU 201 Nov 10 th , 2008 New World, Old...

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Unformatted text preview: HIEU 201 Nov 10 th , 2008 New World, Old Systems: World Exploration & Colonialism to 1600 1. Early Exploration and Cultural Interactions a. Asia & Marco Polo b. Africa 2. Technological Innovations a. The compass, astrolabe, and improvements in shipbuilding could carry more men, artillery, b. Longitude & Latitude c. Catalan World Atlas 1375 put together by Jewish mathematician; Globe from 1492 3. Portuguese Voyages of Exploration, 13501515 a. Search for lost Christians & gold (Niger Delta) b. Maderiras & Canary Islands c. Azore d. Capture of Ceuta e. The contributions of Prince Henry the Navigator (1394 - ) f. Rise of Ottoman Empire led to search for a sea route to Asia g. Bathelomeu Dia (d. 1500) i. Southern Africa & Cape of Good Hope ii. Vasco da Gama: trading mission h. Portuguese exploration of the North Atlantic islands and the slave trade i. The Chinese: Zheng He The voyages in the Indian Ocean j. The Rise of the Mogul k. Portuguese Trading Outposts i. Relative backwardness of Europeans ii. Alfronso dAlbequerque 1. Fortified Naval Bases in Gulf of Bengal & beyond 2. Mazambique & Mombassa 3. Goa 4. Macao iii. Casa da India 4. Spanish Voyages of Exploration & Conquests, 14921522 a. Cristobal Colon & The Enterprise of the Indies i. Genoese ii. Pierre dAilly iii. Paolo TOscanelli iv. Search for King Solomons Mines v. Lost Christians world conversion if they could be found second coming...
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HIEU201Lecture30 - HIEU 201 Nov 10 th , 2008 New World, Old...

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