HIEU201Lecture33 - HIEU 201 Nov 19 th , 2008 Politics and...

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Unformatted text preview: HIEU 201 Nov 19 th , 2008 Politics and Demons: Resistance to Tyranny, Absolutism, Demonology & Witch Hunt 1. The Problem a. Legitimize resistance to tyrants & sovereigns with opposing religious views b. Provide a new basis for political authority in a changed world c. Politics as part of the larger struggle between God and the Devil 2. Resistance in Theory and in Practice a. The Holy Roman Empire: Lutheran Resistance Theory i. Luthers Change of Heart change from passive resistance to allowing force ii. Arguments from Roman Law iii. Schmalkaldic League & War 1. Magdeburg Confession & Augsburg Interim, Peace b. Reformed Defense of Religious Resistance i. Calvins Ephors Argument & Letter to Coligny ii. Theodore Beza: The Punishment of Heretics by the Civil Magistrate iii. John Knox (1505-72), The Appelate (1558) iv. French Huguenot Theory 1. Francois Hotman (1524-1590) a. Francogallia (1574) : St. Bartholomew & self-defense b. Bon jurist, mauvais catholique 2. Vindiciae contra tyrannos (1579) v. The Dutch Revolt : 1566-1609 1. 1566 : Iconoclasm 2. 1567 : Duke of Alba 3. 1576 : Sack of Antwerp 4. William of Orange (1533-1584) a. Nassau & The Second Reformation b. Emden : The Geneva of the North ? 5. 1579 : Union of Utrecht 6. 1588 : Defeat of Armada 7. 1609 : Truce Between Spain & Netherlands 8. Defending the Revolt a. A T r u e D e f e n c e a n d T r u e D e c l a r a t i o n ( 1 5 7 0 ) M a r n i x v a n S t . A l d e g o n d e : J o y o u s E n t r y o f 1 3 0 2 a s b i n d i n g c o n t r a c t b. A brief discourse upon the peace negotiations (1579) c. A short exposition of the rights exercised by the knights, nobles and towns of Holland and West Friesland from time immemorial for the maintenance of the freedoms, rights, privileges and laudable customs of the country, 16 October 1587 3. Jean Bodin (1529-1596): Absolutism & Demonology a. The Life of a politique during the Wars of Religion & a search for certainty i. Six Books of the Republic (1576) ii. On the Demon-mania of Witches (1580) iii. Colloquium of the Seven (1593) b. Sovereignty As Indivisible, quasi-divine status of the monarch with absolute power i. Stuart Clark, Thinking With Demons (Oxford, 1997) c. Sovereignty Defined & Types of Monarchies...
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HIEU201Lecture33 - HIEU 201 Nov 19 th , 2008 Politics and...

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