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HIEU201Lecture35 - HIEU 201 Nov 24th 2008 The seventeenth...

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HIEU 201 Nov 24 th , 2008 The seventeenth Century II: State Building, Dutch Golden Age, Reactions to Chaos (Montaigne, Hobbes & Locke) 1. Louis XIV (r. 1643-1715) continued a. Jean-Captiste Colbert & rise of bourgeoisie i. Tax Farming System & bureaucratic reform ii. Merchantilism 1. Self-sufficiency, trade control, bullion b. Religious Life i. Rise of Jansenism ii. Bishop Jacques Boussuet: divine right of monarchy c. The Court at Versailes as Cultural Institution & Control of the Nobles i. Moliere’s Comedies of Manners ii. Civilizing Impulse 2. Austrian Consolidation & State Building a. Leopold I (r. 1657-1705) i. Baroque Culture & Catholic Reformation ii. Treaty of Carlowitz (1699): recovery of the Danube from Ottomans b. Confessionalization as pan=confessional phenomenon 3. The Rise of Brandenburg-Prussia a. Elector Friedrich Wilhelm i. Annexation of Preussia & Alliance with Junkers ii. Mercantilist sponsorship of industries 1. Huguenots in exile 4. The Dutch Golden Age a.
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