ARTH225 Lectures

ARTH225 Lectures - o Story of journey of art towards...

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ARTH 225 August 27 Dante o Painting of Dante Outside of city – exiled Prominent in comparison to cathedral Book held towards dome, preaching to the Florentines Rays of light from book – text is luminous Pointing to sinner of circles goin down Celebrate 200 th  anniversary of Dante o Divine Comedy Dante writing about himself as model of all human that are self-reflective Spring: Rebirth of the ?? Michelangelo’s painting of the Creation of Adam o Adam is young, God is old, but body almost interchangeable   representative that God created Adam o Finger of God stands for spirit, embody spirit in Adam, part II of creation o Contrast between God’s figure and Adam’s limp hand Giorgio Vasari
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Unformatted text preview: o Story of journey of art towards perfection o Structure designed on The Divine Comedy o Dante is fundamental, friend of Giotto, model of Michelangelo Visual arts=special art (sculptures real space; paintings illusion of space) The Cities o Florence All Italians are Baptists o Sienna – hill town Allegory of Good and Bad Government… o Venice Baroque Church and Arsenal Papal chapel influence from East Feast of Gods at Twilight, Botticelli o Mythical picture – story told by Avid o All Gods were suddenly alert, Gods ?? o Picture does not show tone/humor Statue o Symbol of power o Early equestrian o Historical depiction of ?...
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ARTH225 Lectures - o Story of journey of art towards...

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