ARTH237 Lecture05&06

ARTH237 Lecture05&06 - ARTH 225 September 10& 15...

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Unformatted text preview: ARTH 225 September 10 & 15 Quick Review on Physiologie Gavarin – by profession o Hats along could tell about social class Bonnets, caps – working class Tall hats & cane – middle class working men Bertillon, Method of Cataloging Criminal Features – employment of Lavater’s method Figure of the Detective Edgar Allen Poe o Writer, poet, critic etc. o Start – Man of the Crowd, 1840 Little in common with the literary Exactly the moment when the physiologie craze was taking off Calm curiosity Shared interests or preoccupations with the physiologie: Threatening potential of someone not being able to be identified Itinerary: Start from center of city to the outskirts Fear of the unknown men and women in the city Conjures the criminal o Emerging ideas about the city o Indications of Dupan’s Characterizes as a Detective The ultimate analyst – unbelievably perceptive Intellectual not intuitional Key clues are visual Seeing things that others don’t see and understanding what others overlook o Figures coined by Poe are profoundly important for his follower Baudelaire...
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ARTH237 Lecture05&06 - ARTH 225 September 10& 15...

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