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ARTH 2372 September 24 Passages Vero-Dodat o Mirrors, copper details   Gargantua, Daumier o Sold as single print, not in Caricature in Nov. o Historic because of the governmental reaction – print and lithographic stone seized in December o Brought to trial in Feb. for offending the King’s person and fined and sent to jail for 6 months, 2 gone without  jail o Only reason for which he serves prison time – what was extraordinarily offensive about this particular print? Right side of image – poor Parisians putting their last money into the basket Identifiable landscape of the Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower etc. The King sitting on a “throne” that is a toilet, producing paper and metal   military commission, etc. To the left is the City Counsel 16 c. character by Rabelais originally meant as criticism of contemporary ruler Philipon’s establishment of Association for the Liberty of the Press
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Unformatted text preview: o Rue Transnonain, Daumier – government’s assault on the neighborhood during the worker’s uprising Costume & bedroom tells about the modest family – average everyday people Not a satire or caricature but real history No soldiers depicted – aftermath Dated the 15 th dated after 13 th , so cannot be understood as depiction of the massacre, cannot be officially suppressed o In Front of Paintings by Meissonier – extremely small but details beloved works o L’Histoire Ancienne Odysseus and Penelope, Abduction of Helen Classic narratives of ancient history, but not “straight-up” Questions on gender, domesticity, beauty strategically sharpening his knife Had Ingre in mind, who was trained to paint beautiful bodies Value of art and values? Refusal to participate in a Neo-Classical tradition...
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  • Lithographic stone, Average everyday people, details beloved works, poor Parisians, L’Histoire Ancienne, Identifiable landscape

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