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Ectopic Meningioma : A Case Report Primary extracranial and extraspinal meningiomas are rare. A case of primary meningioma of the lateral pterygoid plate in a young woman is described. Suzuki et al described the first case of pterygopalatine fossa meningioma. 1 A twenty year old girl was admitted with complaints of bulge in the left temporal region of two years duration. On examination there was fullness of the left temporal fossa. Her neurological and ENT examination was normal. CT scan of the head showed a mass in the pterygopalatine fossa extending into the left subtemporal region. She underwent a craniofacial excision of the tumour. A well encapsulated firm mass 3 cms x 2 cms was excised after severing the attachment to the lateral pterygoid plate. Histopathological examination showed evidence of meningothelial meningioma. It is generally agreed that meningiomas originate from meningiocytes (arachnoid cells or meningothelial cells) capping the arachnoid villi or pachionian granulations.
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