Malignant meningioma of scalp - Turk J Med Sci 36 (2006)...

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Malignant ectopic meningioma outside the central nervous system is extremely rare (9,12). Scalp meningiomas are benign, slow-growing tumours. They are histologically identical to their meningeal counterparts. Their diagnosis is based on histological examination (3). Curative treatment is possible, but the tumor may recur and metastasize (7). In this article, a case of malignant scalp meningioma is presented. Case Report We presented a 70-year-old woman with a 7x7x8 cm painfull and hemorrhagic mass on her scalp in the left parietal region associated with partially defective scalp. The mass has been presented for five years and had increased in size with time, and the lesion has started bleeding in the previous month. Neurological examination was normal. Cranial MRI showed a hyperintense, contrast enhanced mass on the left post-parietal region not extending into the cranium and with no evidence of intracranial meningioma (Figure 1). 2 mg i.m. midazolom (Dormicum amp) was given, with the aim of sedation, to the patient for whom an operation was planned under local anesthesia. Mean arterial pressure, heart beat rate, Sp0 2 were monitorized and two to three litres oxygen in flow rate was given to the patient by means of a nose cannule. After local anesthesia (6mg /kg % 1 Lidokain HCL) was applied, a nearly 12 cm- curvilinear incision was made directly over the mass including the defective area of the scalp. The richly vascularized and multilobulated tumor was easily removed totally and the defective area was compaletely closed. Histopathologic diagnosis was malignant meningioma (Figure 2).Throughout the six months following the procedure, she remains well with
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Malignant meningioma of scalp - Turk J Med Sci 36 (2006)...

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