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Study Sheet Final

Study Sheet Final - 10 Erikson’s work 11 Health...

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Study Sheet – Final – PSY 103 1. Behaviorism 2. Experimental Design 3. Ponzo Illusion 4. Structures of the Brain 5. Stages of Sleep 6. Conditioning, e.g. schedules of reinforcement 7. Inductive/Deductive reasoning 8. Different theories of intelligence (e.g. Sternberg, Gardner) 9. Contemporary work on childhood cognitive development
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Unformatted text preview: 10. Erikson’s work 11. Health Psychology 12. Different types of personality Psychology (traits, psychodynamic etc.) 13. Anxiety/Depression 14. Cognitive Dissonance 15. Prosocial Behavior 16. Slides from “Future of Psychology” and “Neuroethics” lectures...
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