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ECON 107 MIDTERM CHECKLIST ITEM Sources BACKHOUSE 1 Cognitive stabilities – context which influences how we interpret our experiences Website 2 Edelman’s diagram – brain wiring – understanding shaped by self (internal) and nonself (world signals) Website 3 The Rise of Complexity Website 7-8 4 Rational reconstructions vs historical reconstructions - WHICH ONE IS WHICH? Lecture Website 3 5 Paradigms, Kuhn – a cog. stab. / model used to explain theories for a long period of time? Website 8 6 Classical situations, Schumpeter Website 325-327 7 River civilizations – many benefits which are necessary / conducive to building a city / civilization Lecture 8 The problem of trust – Necessary for living in close quarters and for trading. PAUL SEABRIGHT Lecture 9 Guan Zhong – wanted state to work well and be wealthy. 4 classes lived together -> specialize. Stabilize grain supplies. If people are too poor / rich, dangerous for state. Lecture 10 Guan Zi: the heavy and the light – heavy (short supply), light (abundance) Lecture 11 Guan Zi: on money – prices are function of money supply Lecture
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12 Riu Liangfu – stop monopolies (goods for all!), financial plan (state expenditures tracked), loans (but no interest on religious), concern for usury Lecture 13 Fan Li – opt. amt. of currency, agriculture came in trade cycles, wealth accumuation (based on agri. cycles, equity of taxes, grain prices stabilized by state, balancing the budget Wealth = availability of resources (grain, mulberries, flax, domesticated animals, etc.) Lecture 14 Kautilya – Advisor to Chandragupta Maurya. Mercantilist, but saw positive in
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