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Aberration Readme - Welcome to our Aberration Readme...

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Welcome to our Aberration Readme Aberration is a modification for Europa Universalis II. Aberration aims to create a totally different Eu2 experience in an alternate history universe, where some things have gone a bit different. As to make for a new Eu2 experience, several things have been changed. First of all, there are none of classical, historical powerhouse nations like Portugal, Spain, France, Austria, England, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, and the Ottoman Empire. Thus there is no “historical” expansion or goals that the player has to follow. This is no fantasy scenario, though, the classic "underdog" nations will have the oppurtunity to find their own place on the sun. Bavaria, Brittany, Burgundy, Byzantium, Eire, Finnland, Genoa, Granada, Hanseatic League, Hungary, the Kaliphate, Kingdom of Jerusalem, Savoy, Scotland, Teutonic Order and the Union of Kalmar as Great Powers, with numerous leaders, events and monarchs at your command. All those nations are deemed to self-destruct, live in total unimportance or if the player plays them, find themselves without any flavour in every GC.
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Aberration Readme - Welcome to our Aberration Readme...

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