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Freelancer Anti - Freelancer Anti-Walkthrough 2004-2005...

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Freelancer Anti-Walkthrough 2004-2005 Steve Breslin License ======= You are welcome to republish this howsoever you like, but please do not alter the text in any way, and please let me know in advance. My contact information is at the end of the file. Introduction ------------ One favorite aspect of the game Freelancer is the wide range of action available outside of the strict confines of the central plot. There are, however, limits to this range of action. This walkthrough explores the limits of the game's freedom, and makes fun suggestions for pushing the limits. This walkthrough was inspired in part by Jason Merrill's Freelancer Walkthrough, and may seem a natural development from what Merrill achieves. (Merrill's walkthrough is great! Thanks Jason!) Following Merrill, I make practically no comment upon the central-plot missions, since that stuff is covered exhaustively in other walkthroughs. We will take our time between missions. When Juni (or whoever) asks you if you're ready to begin a mission, you can always safely say no. You may get yelled at a bit, and at times this can be annoying or repetitive, but you can always freelance indefinitely before committing to any mission, without effecting the central plot in any way. This walkthrough is designed for the advanced player, so if you are not already very familiar with the game, refer to Matthew Lawson's "Wrecks" FAQ, and especially Gary Dwyer's "Maps" FAQ. Dustin Shaffer's "Lists" FAQ you may also find quite useful. Jason Merrill's aforementioned walkthrough is superb, and probably preferable if this is your first time through the game. These are all available from gamefaqs. ================ Anti-Walkthrough ================ ========= MISSION 1 ========= Once you get your bearings and start fighting the Order, the Anti-Walkthrough begins. Anti-Mission 1.1: Rhino Challenge ---------------------------------
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Your first anti-mission is to purchase a Rhino on your first trip to Pittsburgh, after the first half of Mission 1 (when you first meet King face to face). This is a challenge because it's difficult to raise the necessary cash. With this in mind, fly the first half of the mission very aggressively, and tractor in everything. After dispatching the Order ships, and meeting up with the LSF convoy, you will be stopped by a disrupted trade lane, and ambushed by Liberty Rogues. First, kill Transport USV Champion and tractor in its goods. (Yes shoot your own guy -- you can use the loot.) Then kill as many Rogues as you can. Cargo only shows up for you when you make the kill shot, so try to make as many kill shots as you can. You need all the cargo you can get. With this in mind, focus your attention on damaged ships. After the first wave, King will order you to return to the convoy, and he will
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Freelancer Anti - Freelancer Anti-Walkthrough 2004-2005...

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