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1. To configure Real-Time Windows Target you must type rtwintgt -setup in a MATLAB  command window. 2. After this installation is complete, you should continue with your configuration of the  MATLAB Distributed Computing Server as outlined in the instructions obtained from  www.mathworks.com/distconfig . 3. Embedded IDE Link CC registers a plug-in for Code Composer Studio (CCS). After  you install Embedded IDE Link CC, start CCS. When CCS prompts you that "New  components were detected," click Yes or OK in the prompt dialog box to enable 
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Unformatted text preview: components for all compatible CCS releases. 4. You have installed xPC Target. Use the xPC Target Explorer GUI (type xpcexplr in the MATLAB Command Window) to correctly configure xPC Target with a valid compiler pathname. For further help, type doc xpcexplr. 5. Run mbuild -setup from MATLAB before using MATLAB Compiler or builder products. This command sets up the C/C++ compiler to be used with MATLAB Compiler and builder products to create deployable applications/components....
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